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ESPN Predicts The Winner Of College Football's Biggest Rivalry Games

The 2018 college football season is approaching fast. Who are you liking for the upcoming season? Who are you not liking? ESPN's Football Power Index has made its predictions.

ESPN's computer model updated its rankings and projections earlier this month. The projections include predicted outcomes for every game.

Who's going to win the biggest rivalry games? Here are the predictions.

Early predictions for every major 2018 rivalry game

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Winner: Ohio State

Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

Winner: Mississippi State

Iowa vs. Nebraska

Winner: Iowa

Iowa's Kinnick Stadium during a night game.

Instagram/ @mr._ford

Oregon State vs. Oregon

Winner: Oregon

Oregon's Autzen Stadium with a beautiful sunset in the background

Instagram/ @alrottler

Texas vs. Oklahoma

Winner: Oklahoma

Notre Dame vs. Stanford

Winner: Notre Dame

Notre Dame Stadium during a home game.


Alabama vs. Auburn

Winner: Alabama

Alabama players sitting side by side on the sidelines

instagram/ @hepburn9288

FSU vs. Florida

Winner: FSU

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech

Winner: Georgia

Kirby Smart speaking to Georgia media.


Louisville vs Kentucky

Winner: Louisville

Clemson vs. South Carolina

Winner: Clemson

Clemson's Memorial Stadium during a game.


You can view full predictions from ESPN's FPI here.