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ESPN Released A 64-Team NCAA Football Bracket For 2018

The best bracket in the country through one round.

Who would win the NCAA Tournament if the teams played football? We tried that exercise out last night.

You can view the full results here.

ESPN has done a similar exercise. It's created a 64-team NCAA football bracket for the 2018 season.

"Here's how it works: Teams are seeded 1 through 64 according to ESPN's preseason FPI rankings for 2018. The top four seeds -- Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State -- will headline geographic regions. Round-by-round matchups for the 2018 postseason will play out (sorry, no First Four here) until a national champion is crowned.

Just like in the NCAA hoops tournament, there will be upsets. This is all about matchups and projections. Just because FPI likes a team doesn't mean it will advance."

Here are the seeds, from the No. 1s to No. 16s:

1-seeds: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State

2-seeds: Notre Dame, Washington, Auburn, Penn State

3-seeds: Oklahoma, Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin

4-seeds: Stanford, Miami, USC, Mississippi State

5-seeds: Texas, Florida State, Oregon, Texas A&M

6-seeds: Oklahoma State, Florida, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech

7-seeds: Iowa, LSU, Cal, South Carolina

8-seeds: Missouri, Duke, West Virginia, Northwestern

9-seeds: Utah, TCU, Louisville, Boston College

10-seeds: Boise State, Texas Tech, Wake Forest, Baylor

11-seeds: Iowa State, Arizona, NC State, Kansas State

12-seeds: Ole Miss, Memphis, North Carolina, Purdue

13-seeds: UCLA, Nebraska, Arizona State, Tennessee

14-seeds: UCF, Arkansas, Syracuse, Kentucky

15-seeds: Pitt, San Diego State, Minnesota, Maryland

16-seeds: Washington State, Houston, Fresno State, South Florida


ESPN simulated the results of the games through the first two rounds. You can view the full results here.