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ESPN Employees Are Apparently Very Upset About A Reply-All Email Chain

Sarah Spain films a segment for ESPN.

If you've worked at a big company, you've had nightmares about accidentally sending an email to every person in the organization. It looks like that happened at ESPN on Wednesday, and it looks like many of the company's employees are a bit upset about it.

It seems as if an IT worker accidentally included the entire company on his email. Predictably, dozens of ESPNers then replied all, asking to be taken off the list. If you've ever been on one of these chains, you know that only adds to the madness. Sarah Spain, among others, have commented on the whole fiasco.

Some are loving it. Some are hating it. Such is life. ESPN reportedly has around 8,000 employees - so it could be a while before it all settles down.

As for the IT guy - I'm sure he's having an interesting morning. Hopefully, management will see the humor in the whole thing.