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ESPN Reporter Has A New Prediction For Kawhi Leonard, Spurs

Kawhi Leonard speaks at Spurs press conference.

ESPN reported about a month ago that Kawhi Leonard was no longer happy in San Antonio. He was demanding a trade out of the franchise, preferably to Los Angeles.

A month later, Kawhi remains a member of the Spurs. There are several teams interested in possibly trading for him - Lakers, Clippers, Sixers, etc. - but none right now appear to be willing to give up the package necessary to get him.

The Lakers, according to reports, would have to give up Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart and multiple first-round picks right now in order to make a trade.

That's not happening.

ESPN NBA reporter Ramona Shelburne discussed on The Jump today what might happen with Leonard and the Spurs. She has a new prediction.

Shelburne sees this situation going into the fall. She doesn't think the Spurs are going to panic and make a trade that they don't love.

"This isn't like Kyrie last year," she said.

Kyrie, of course, demanded a trade out of Cleveland last summer. He was shipped to Boston for what turned out to be a pretty terrible package shortly thereafter.

San Antonio is not going to do that.

"They can keep working on this," Shelburne said.

It seems doubtful that the Spurs will be able to work things out with Leonard. He'll probably still be traded. But, San Antonio does seem to be willing to be patient. R.C. Buford isn't going to rush into any trade just because Kawhi is asking for one.

The Spurs can afford to wait and see if a team is willing to give them everything they want. They can also continue to wait and see if it's possible to repair the relationship with Leonard.

Don't expect anything to be resolved with Kawhi and the Spurs anytime soon.