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ESPN Reporter Laura Rutledge Fooled By 'The Onion'

espn's laura rutledge on sideline during an SEC game

ESPN's Laura Rutledge isn't an avid reader of satire.

For those unaware, The Onion is perhaps the most popular website for satire on the internet. The website doesn't focus on sports content - but from time to time, they take shots. All of this is news to ESPN reporter Laura Rutledge.

Saturday morning, The Onion published a satirical piece on sideline reporters. Rutledge was the subject.

Well, Rutledge didn't realize it was a joke, and went after the publication on Twitter. Luckily, her colleagues quickly informed her of the situation. She later deleted the tweet.

Laura Rutledge fooled by the Onion.

Welcome to 2017 - where fake news that's meant to be fake news isn't actually as big of a deal as fake news that is not intended to be fake.