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ESPN Responds To Allegations From Jenn Sterger Regarding One Of Its Employees

ESPN has responded.

Jenn Sterger took to Twitter on Monday night to call out ESPN for its hypocrisy in attempting to distance itself from the Barstool Sports brand.

Sterger claimed ESPN is "just as bad" as Barstool when it comes to how they treat women. ESPN cancelled Barstool Van Talk on Monday amid criticism from inside the company.

In a lengthy post, the former Sports Illustrated columnist and online personality accused an ESPN employee of sexual harassment on multiple occasions.

The former New York Jets "Gameday Host" described an uncomfortable encounter with the employee when she was asked to go to a "club" that ended up being a strip club, where some of the employees allegedly teased her about how she "was uncomfortable and didn't want to participate." In a subsequent meeting with two of her bosses, Sterger recalled the following.

“The following day I was confronted by two of my bosses about whether or not I had been in attendance the previous night. I told them I had been, but didn’t want to be there once I realized what it was. They admonished me and said it was a bad look for the company for me to be there and to never do it again. I was fired before my plane landed in Tampa.”

From there, more disturbing allegations from Sterger allege the high-ranking ESPN employee brought her back to the Bristol campus to "parade" her around the office. The individual allegedly asked Sterger to go to dinner with her, which she declined and took a train ride home. Sterger said the individual still works are ESPN and that she was only brought to Bristol for an interview so he could show his co-workers she was “just as f—able in person as I was in pictures.” Early Tuesday afternoon, ESPN responded to the allegations against one of its employees with the following statement.

On Monday, ESPN severed ties with Barstool by cancelling Barstool Van Talk after just one episode, which likely had to do with Sam Ponder's tweets about Barstool president Dave Portnoy's controversial comments about the Sunday NFL Countdown host.