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ESPN Reveals What LeBron Did In The Locker Room After Game 4

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

The Golden State Warriors are celebrating their third NBA championship in four years tonight. The Cleveland Cavaliers are recovering from their second straight NBA Finals loss (and, potentially, the loss of LeBron James to another team).

ESPN is currently showing the Warriors celebrating in the visiting locker room. They're screaming and dancing and dousing themselves with champagne.

Cameras are not inside the Cavs' locker room. However, ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin is inside and he's provided an update on what the scene is like.

It's not good.

No one seems to be doing any talking. James is covered in ice packs with a towel over his head.

"Pretty devastating scene in the Cavs locker room. LeBron, ice on his knees, feet in an ice bucket, right hand wrapped in ice and a towel over his head is slumped back in his chair. Everyone else quiet with 1000 yard stares," McMenamin tweeted.


Free agency begins on July 1.