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ESPN Rules Reportedly Would Have Prohibited Tim Tebow From Speaking At the Republican Convention

Whether or not Tim Tebow actually planned to speak at the Republican Convention remains up in the air, but according to ESPN regulations, he would not have been allowed to anyway.

Last week drama ensued when the New York Times reported that the former NFL quarterback and current ESPN broadcaster would speak at the convention. Though Tebow adamantly denied the rumor on social media, there remains ample skepticism and doubt.

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch noted that ESPN asks employees to "refrain from political editorializing" - which an appearance endorsing Trump would certainly qualify as. 

Deitsch interviewed an ESPN representative on Sunday regarding the Tebow situation. According to the spokesperson, "[ESPN] would expect them to ask...the answer for either convention would be no." 

Tebow never noted these regulations in his video denying accusations that he'd speak at the convention, but there remains no definite answer as to what his original decision was.