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ESPN's Broadcast Of The Bahamas Bowl Is Getting Crushed

A generic picture of three footballs next to a pylon

On the field, the 2018 Bahamas Bowl between FIU and Toledo is playing out like a normal game. But viewers at home may have noticed something odd about the ESPN broadcast.

According to Timothy Burke of the Daily Beast, the Bahamas Bowl is being broadcast by ESPN at a rate of 40 fps (frames per second) - an inexplicable drop for almost any television show, let alone a live sports broadcast.

The difference is noticeable as soon as you turn on the game.

Viewers noticed the quality drop and were quick to respond, with some comparing the reduced quality to an online stream.

While some people attempted to justify the odd drop in production by pointing out location or equipment choices, Burke pointed out that neither of those things would have played a factor.

Burke also noted that ESPN frequently broadcasts at a lower bitrate without sacrificing the FPS rate.

As for the game itself, FIU led Toledo 14-10 at halftime, but the Rockets regained the lead early in the third quarter on an Eli Peters TD pass to Jon'Vea Johnson.