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ESPN's First Take Releases Poll Asking Has Kevin Durant Made Warriors Worse After One Game

Stephen A Smith standing in front of fans.


Kevin Durant and the Warriors lost their season opener last night and ESPN's First Take doesn't know how to handle itself.

Kevin Durant and the Warriors began a new era in Golden State last night against the San Antonio Spurs and were dominated in every facet. The Spurs were clearly the better team and won the game 129-100 while Steph Curry, Durant and others tried to find their groove.

ESPN's First Take asked this question via Twitter following the loss on Wednesday morning:

Did we mention that last night was Durant's first regular season game with the Warriors? His first game, as in the team's first regular season game. There are 81 more games left in the regular season and First Take fired off this question just hours after Durant's first game with his new team.

With the Internet, well, being the Internet, the results of the poll are neck and neck.

Durant and the Warriors play game No. 2 on the season Friday when they visit New Orleans to take on the Pelicans.