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ESPN's Most "Intriguing" Trade For Kyrie Irving

Here's the most "intriguing" trade partner for the Cavs, per ESPN.

ESPN NBA insider Zach Lowe is very "intrigued" by the possibility of Kyrie Irving being shipped to a young Western Conference team on the rise.

It's not Minnesota, though.

It's Denver.

Lowe detailed why the Nuggets are such an intriguing trade partner in his recent column.

The Nuggets, desperate to make the playoffs, may need an upgrade at point guard unless Murray is ready for heavy starter minutes. Toss aside the fit issues. Murray is 20. Irving is a superstar offensive player. Tilt his game a little bit more toward passing -- an evolution that might happen naturally with Jokic and Paul Millsap flinging the ball around -- and maybe he becomes one of the league's half-dozen or so best offensive players. He would also sell tickets in market that badly needs a jolt.

The price would be steep. Cleveland would likely ask for Wilson ChandlerGary Harris, Murray, and a first-round pick. Dealing both Harris and Murray would blow a hole in Denver's exciting young core; if Irving signs elsewhere in two years, what do they have left? They would surely fight to keep one, and might even make doing so a deal-breaker.

Pairing Irving with Jokic, one of the NBA's best, most-versatile young big men, is incredibly intriguing.

Denver isn't on Irving's reported list of preferred destinations (Miami, Minnesota, New York, San Antonio). But maybe it should be.

You can read Lowe's full column here.