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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Shared Tough Personal News On Twitter

Stephen A. Smith cannot even.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has become, arguably, the biggest name in sports media. The co-host of First Take is probably the face of today's ESPN. When the network wants to bring out one of its stars to discuss something major, it's usually him.

Smith is polarizing, obviously. He has many fans and many haters. There likely isn't a better example of this makeup than social media, where Stephen A. often receives a lot of love and a lot of vitriol.

It was all love for Stephen A. on Saturday, though.

The ESPN personality shared some tough personal news.

Many in the sports world reached out to Stephen A. to express their condolences, including legendary NBA player Shaquille O'Neal. "My condolences to Stephen A. Smith and his family on the loss of his father. Just know that I am here for you my friend. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need an ear. Omega Psi Phi Loves You," he wrote.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Stephen A. and his family. May his father rest in peace.