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Everyone's Convinced These 2 Olympians Are Secretly Dating

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, Canada's star skating duo, have become - by far - the most-adored couple of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Are they dating in real life?

Everyone is convinced that they are. Moir and Virtue, though, claim that they are not.

“It’s a special partnership,” Virtue told Macleans in a recent interview. “We still really enjoy skating together and I think that’s why we still are.”

Moir and Virtue won a gold medal on Tuesday. It's their third Winter Olympics medal as a skating duo.

The couple's routine is extremely passionate. It's tough to watch them skate and not think that they're dating in real life. They do stuff like this, after all:

The on-the-ice passion isn't uncommon for skating partners, though. What has everyone speculating, though, is what they do off the ice. Like this:

And this:

You're going to do stuff like that and then claim you're not dating in real life? OK.

They have actually admitted that they dated before. They've been skating together for 20 years.

"The whole world would like them to date. But they were 'dating' at age nine and seven, and I think Scotty broke it off. And he would say that's 19 or 20 years of regret," former coach Paul MacIntosh.

Maybe they really are not dating and they just share this incredibly intimate, passionate friendship. Maybe...