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Everyone's Freaking Out About What Tom Brady Did Walking Into Gillette Stadium

Tom Brady walking.

The quarterback seems to love stirring up as much drama as possible.

Tom Brady caused some serious drama at his press conference earlier this week when he showed up to it wearing gloves on both hands. He's done it again walking into the stadium today.

The New England Patriots' star quarterback is listed as "questionable" for the AFC Championship Game against Jacksonville today. However, he's widely expected to play.

Brady injured his hand/thumb at practice earlier this week. The five-time Super Bowl champion reportedly had a collision with running back Rex Burkhead. There was some blood - "gushing" according to one source - and stitches were required.

A couple of days later, Brady appeared at his press conference wearing gloves on both of his hands, making sure the media couldn't see anything. He refused to answer any specific questions about the injury and what happened.

This caused a bit of panic from everyone. And now, it's happening again.

Brady has arrived at Gillette Stadium for this afternoon's game. He did so making sure the media didn't get any glimpses at his hand.

The star quarterback walked past reporters with his right hand in his pocket. He also was carrying his bag over his left shoulder. Typically, he carries it with his right hand.

Does this mean anything? Probably not, but it's interesting.

Stay tuned for more important updates about Brady's bag carrying tactics. (Kidding, but not really.)

The Patriots and the Jaguars are set to kick off at 3:05 p.m. E.T. The game will be televised on CBS.