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Everyone's Laughing At This FOX Pregame NFL Graphic Today

fox nfl channel apologizes

While the the New York Jets will try to continue their winning ways against the Minnesota Vikings, it appears the NFC North titans could have an advantage coming into this game. Before the game begun, FOX released a comedic graphic for its audience.

It's no secret that Minnesota's offense relies heavily on Kirk Cousins. Although he's having a fantastic start to the season, it appears his pregame speeches are more valuable than his arm.

Numbers never lie, and FOX's pregame show proved that Minnesota is 2-0 when its quarterback gives a fiery speech.

Clearly, Cousins knows how to motivate his teammates because the Vikings are already up 7-0 against the Jets.

On the first drive of the game, Cousins hit Adam Thielen for a 34-yard touchdown. If Minnesota can defeat New York this weekend, then perhaps they'll need to make pregame speeches an official routine.

The remainder of the game can be seen on FOX.