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Everyone's Trashing Britt McHenry For What She Told An NFL Player

Britt McHenry smiling on the sideline.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long weighed in on the NFL's new national anthem rule on Twitter on Wednesday. His response to the league's new rule, which requires players to either stand or remain in the locker room, went crazy viral on social media.

Long was critical of the NFL's decision, saying the league doesn't care about America as much as it cares about the bottom line, and you shouldn't mistake this new national anthem rule for patriotism.

Here's his full tweet:

Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, who's now at FOX, responded to Long's claims. She criticized him for wanting attention and also was critical of the praise he got for donating his 2017 NFL salary. Long, an NFL veteran, donated his base salary to fund school scholarships in Charlottesville, Va. “Question. How much do you love the publicity of being a champion vs social issues vs you know the actual business and what people want? Not hating either way, but you and your brother pander so much. It’s comical,” McHenry wrote.

Unsurprisingly, McHenry is facing some serious criticism for these opinions. That is nothing new these days, though.