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Video: Ezekiel Elliott Used To Be A Pretty Good Basketball Player

Ezekiel Elliott is good at football. He's also pretty good at basketball.

Cowboys running back and former Ohio State standout Ezekiel Elliott is pretty impressive on the gridiron. Ever imagine what he'd be like on the hardwood? Yep, it turns out Elliott can play some basketball as well.

Right from the start of the video you can tell Elliott was competitive as ever on the basketball court and ran the show as a point guard. He may have been six-feet tall back in high school, but it's safe to say he wasn't listed at 225 pounds back in the day as he is now.

Elliott actually played four different sports while in high school at John Burroughs School in Missouri: basketball, track and field, baseball and of course football.

NFL defenders can hardly keep up with Elliott or his elusive first-step. Imagine high school athletes trying to keep up with the speedster back then.