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Father Of Colin Kaepernick Calls Out NFL Writer Pete Prisco On Twitter

The father of NFL quarterback Rick Kaepernick came to his son's defense on Twitter this afternoon.

The topic of Colin Kaepernick is omnipresent on NFL Twitter these days. The former San Francisco 49ers signal caller has yet to be signed this offseason, and the debate rages on as to why.

There are some NFL writers, like Pre-Snap Reads' Cian Fahey, who believe Kaepernick is jobless because he is being punished for his national anthem protest last season. For what it is worth, Kaepernick has said he will stand for the anthem this season.

Others, like CBS Sports' Pete Prisco, will not say Kaepernick's unemployment is definitely related to his social activism. Prisco has consistently said on Twitter that since no one can definitively say what salary Kaepernick would be willing to accept, so how does anyone know if he is being intentionally shunned?

The two had a back-and-forth about the topic on Twitter last night and today.

Enter Kaepernick's dad, Rick. His Twitter account is private, but his response has been screenshotted.

He's not happy with Prisco, and claims the longtime scribe is dead wrong.


— Chris Rivers (@OMGitsRIVERS)

He's not happy,

— Chris Rivers (@OMGitsRIVERS) June 6, 2017

">June 6, 2017

Prisco did respond, though it is unclear if Kaepernick's father saw it. He also said he would sign the QB to a two-year deal, if he was in charge.

The longer Kaepernick remains unsigned, the more his situation will be talked about, and the more people on both sides of the debate will dig in.

There's a good chance that neither Fahey or Prisco is technically correct. Money might not be an issue, but Kaepernick might also not be "blackballed" by the true sense of the word, meaning there isn't actual collusion on the owners' part to keep him out of the league.

Rather, the teams that would normally have interest in signing him have determined they either A.) don't want to deal with added media attention or B.) don't want to deal with fan backlash from those who rejected his method of protest.

Until somebody comes out and directly says something on the matter, the speculation will continue.