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Father Of Victims Who Charged Larry Nassar In Court Will Not Be Punished

An angry father attacks Larry Nassar.

CBS News

Randall Margraves will not be punished.

Earlier today, Randall Margraves, a father of three of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse victims, charged at the disgraced former doctor in court.

Sheriffs officers were able to restrain Margraves before he could reach Nassar. They wrestled him to the ground and were able to calm him.

After things calmed down, Margraves apologized for his actions. He also revealed that hearing his daughter's statements and seeing Nassar's reaction of denial set him off.

While Margraves never actually reached Nassar, there was still the possibility he could be punished for trying to attack him. He faced being jailed or fined.

It was up to Eaton County Judge Janice Cunningham to decide if she wanted to discipline Margraves.

The judge said there is "no way" she will punish Margraves for what he did.

While Cunningham did reprimand Margraves for his attempted attack, we're glad she didn't punish him formally.

He clearly acted out of raw emotion. Who can really blame him?