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Father Who Attacked Larry Nassar In Court Reveals What Caused Him to Lose Control

An angry father attacks Larry Nassar.

CBS News

Randall Margraves charged at Larry Nassar this morning.

Disgraced former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison in January and has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 200 women.

This morning, Nassar made another appearance in court this morning in Charlotte, Michigan. It was there he was confronted by Randall Margraves.

Margraves' three daughters were all victimized by Nassar. He was allowed to address the court during the proceedings.

Margraves asked the judge if he could have “five minutes in a locker room with this demon” as part of Nassar's punishment. The judge declined, and Margraves rushed Nassar moments later.

Eaton County Sheriffs tackled and restrained Margraves before he could reach Nassar. He reportedly will face no punishment for attempting to attack the doctor.

After order was restored, Margraves apologized for his actions. He then explained what had caused him to lose control.

Apparently, the emotion and details in his daughters' statements and Nassar shaking his head in denial sent Margraves over the edge.

While what Margraves did is technically illegal, who can really blame him? Put me in his shoes and I'd feel the exact same way.

The most important part of this whole ordeal is the fact Nassar's time as a free man in society is over.