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Watch: Female Kicker Lays The Boom On Kick Returner

A female kicker at North Penn High School had enough of the opposition's return, and thwarted it quickly.

Kelly McNamara, a female kicker for North Penn High School in Pennsylvania, first made headlines when she became the team's kicker. In a sport dominated by males, this one is for the girls.

North Penn's opponent, Central Bucks East HS, used a reverse on the kick return, which fooled a majority of the North Penn kickoff team. The kick returner found the sideline and raced for a nice return before McNamara came out of nowhere to show the boys how to play some football. She decked the returner out of bounds, right in front of his own bench. Gotta keep your head on a swivel.



— Kelly Macnamara (@kellmac_) October 9, 2016

">tweeted her vicious hit.

North Penn went on to win the game 33-14 over Central Bucks East to move to 7-0 on the season. To every team North Penn plays for the rest of the year, take a lesson from the video. Don't tempt McNamara. She will win.