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FIFA Wants Its Broadcasters To Stop Showing Hot Women In The Stands At The World Cup

sweden fan watches game against germany

Sexism has apparently been an issue in Russia at the World Cup, and it looks like FIFA is starting to do what it can to counteract it. A group called the Fare Network, which promotes anti-discrimination, is advising FIFA to, among other things, stop cutting away to attractive females in the stands.

Federico Addiechi, who is in charge of promoting diversity at FIFA, said soccer's governing body has asked its broadcasting networks to tone it down. He also said it could be "normal evolution" to make it against FIFA policy in the first place.

Via the BBC:

Asked if the crackdown on cutaways of female fans would become official Fifa policy, Addiechi said: "This is one of the activities we definitely will have in future - it's a normal evolution."

He said it was not yet a "proactive campaign" but said Fifa would "take action against things that are wrong".

Female broadcasters being harassed or assaulted on-air has also been an issue.

No, soccer is not the first sporting event where this has happened. The "honey shot" has been around for years, and the two most famous incidents of it in America involve Jenn Sterger (Florida State) and Katherine Webb (Alabama.)

There's only two World Cup games left - Belgium vs. England for third place and France vs. Croatia for the title. The event ends this Sunday.