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Florida State Getting Crushed For End-Of-Game Execution

Michigan players celebrate their Elite Eight win over FSU.

Michigan is off to the Final Four. Florida State is going home.

That's not a surprising result, but how we got there is pretty ridiculous.

The Seminoles' end-of-game decision making was...questionable, at best. FSU head coach Leonard Hamilton will have some major explaining to do.

Most notably, Florida State, down 4 with about 10 seconds to play, opted not to foul. The Seminoles gave up.


Coming back from a 4-point deficit with 10 seconds to play is certainly unlikely, but it's not impossible.

This wasn't the first time this has happened. It occurred earlier in the year against Louisville, too.

Florida State also made some very weird decisions earlier in the final minute. The Seminoles fouled with 45 seconds to play, only trailing by 3 points.

Fouling then and then not fouling with 10 seconds to go...come on man.

Michigan, meanwhile, is off to the Final Four. A battle against Loyola awaits.

The games are set to take place on Saturday night.