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Former NFL Star Arian Foster Legitimately Thinks He Can Beat Up A Wolf

It isn't every day that a former All-Pro running back publicly makes a case that he can beat up a wild canine.

Today obviously wasn't your typical day. Recently retired former NFL star Arian Foster spent much of his afternoon--and into the evening--arguing on Twitter that he could legitimately beat up a wolf in a 1-on-1 fight.

Read that paragraph again, digest it and then take a look at some of these tweets from Foster.

Those tweets obviously piqued the interest of his followers. Foster then took some time to explain why he was so confident in his ability to defeat the wolf.

He clearly thinks his thumbs are a huge advantage.

Don't forget the mental game-planning.

Clearly it always comes back to the thumbs though.

Foster doesn't trust a wolf's knowledge of the human anatomy either.

And Arian also included a NSFW message to his haters and doubters.

There are plenty of more tweets to go through. Try and read them all if you have the time.

Foster is an interesting dude who isn't afraid to speak his mind. Clearly he is also supremely confident in his survival skills.