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Fox News Mistakenly Refers To Steve Spurrier As "Head Game Coach"

FOX News erroneously refers to Steve Spurrier as "head game coach."

Fox News probably should have double-checked before listing Steve Spurrier as "Head Game Coach" during their live interview.

With college football less than a week away, former Gator quarterback and head coach Steve Spurrier is promoting his new book. The autobiography, Head Ball Coach, follows Spurrier's childhood in Tennessee to his Heisman Trophy win, and then to playing and coaching in the pros to leading the Florida Gators to six SEC Championships and beyond. However, Fox News made quite a gaff, listing "Head Game Coach" as the introductory graphic during the broadcast.

Note: Head Ball Coach is the title of Spurrier's new autobiography...which he talked about during this interview. Florida fans and basically any person with a firm understanding of college football were quick to mock the obvious mistake.

Looks like someone at Fox News needs a comprehensive history lesson.

Spurrier, now an ambassador for Florida's athletics department, was the Gators’ starting quarterback for three seasons. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1966.

After an NFL stint, Spurrier coached the Gators towards six SEC championships and one national title in 12 seasons. After resigning unexpectedly in 2001, he coached the NFL Washington Redskins until 2005, when he left to coach the South Carolina Gamecocks from 2005-2015.