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The 'Full List Of Banned Phrases' For The Masters This Year Is Obviously Fake

Masters' full list of banned phrases.

The Masters has a list of phrases that patrons are banned from yelling this year. But it's not the list you're going to read below.

Earlier in the week, it leaked that the Masters, this year, is banning patrons from yelling Bud Light's marketing cry "Dilly Dilly" at players out on the course. Apparently, there is a list of phrases that patrons aren't allowed to yell.

SkratchTV jokingly released a "list" this week, and for whatever reason, people on a number of sites and social media mediums think it's real. Clearly, it's not.

That said, it's pretty funny. There's some pretty random stuff on here.

The Masters got off to a flying start on Wednesday - one day before the actual tournament. In the span of about 15 minutes, there were two holes-in-one. Tony Finau injured himself celebrating his. Jack Nicklaus' grandson Gary did not. Here's the Nicklaus moment, if you missed it:

As for the actual tournament, all eyes are on Tiger Woods, who is looking to earn his fifth green jacket. You can read up on his tee time and playing partner information here.