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Georgia Player Who Ran Into ESPN's Laura Rutledge Is Flirting With Her On Twitter

espn's laura rutledge on sideline during an SEC game

ESPN sideline reporter Laura Rutledge had a rather scary moment at Saturday's Georgia-UMass game in Athens. She was accidentally leveled while delivering an in-game report.

Rutledge was talking on camera while a play was going on. In the background, Georgia running back and special teamer Prather Hudson was engaged with a defender and they wound up hurtling out of bounds.

In the process, they took Rutledge down. Thankfully, she was okay.

Hudson waited two days before responding to Rutledge's above tweet. In doing so, he hit on her in very cheesy fashion.

Rutledge, who is happily married, let down the bold college student gently.

You missed 100 percent of the shots you don't take, or so the old adage says. However, this attempt from Hudson barely even got out of his hand.

It did provide a pretty funny exchange though.