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Who Is The Girl In The New Old Spice Commercial?

Girl in the new Old Spice commercial.

Old Spice has a set of new bizarre commercials featuring a French actor and actress that are driving ESPN viewers insane.

For whatever reason, ESPN has been airing Old Spice commercials at an unreal rate the past few months. Some feature Terry Crews, who has been doing spots with them for years. But another set of them features a cast of French actors and actresses. At this point, let's just embrace the whole damn thing.

There are four commercials in total - Red Sweater, Yelling Out A Window, Mask and Marco Love-O. They're all absolutely ridiculous.

So, who is the girl in all of them? Her name is Anne Serra, she was born in 1988 and she's a French actress and model. She's been featured in a bunch of television shows and shorts - including The Sweeney: Paris and If It Turns Bad, Run.

The other actress is Laura Malvarosa, while the actor is Benoit Marechal.

Here are all four commercials, via Old Spice's YouTube channel. You've likely seen all of them at least 50 times apiece.

Serra seems pretty pumped about being the face of the campaign. She took to Instagram just a few days ago to celebrate.

So there you go - her name is Anne Serra. Don't act like you didn't want to know, or you wouldn't have found this article in the first place.