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Glen 'Big Baby' Davis Predicts Blake Griffin Will Join The Thunder

The Clippers' star is set to be a free agent this summer.

Blake Griffin is set to be a free agent this summer.

The popular thought is that he'll, along with Chris Paul, re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers for a massive, max contract.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis is predicting he won't.

The former Celtics' standout, who played with Griffin on the Clippers for a couple of seasons, said on TNT's 2008 Boston reunion last night that the NBA All-Star forward will leave for Oklahoma City.

Kevin Garnett was running through the list of this summer's free agents when Davis interjected with the prediction.

“Blake! He out of there! He gone!” Davis said.

"Where?" Garnett asked.

"OKC!" Davis replied.

Watching Griffin, an Oklahoma native, team up with Russell Westbrook and the Thunder would be pretty fun to watch.

It seems unlikely, though.

Former Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins, a member of those '08 Celtics on TNT's reunion show last night, doesn't see it happening.

"No way," he said.