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A Golfer Destroyed A Bird With His Tee Shot At St. Andrew's

Mark James probably killed a bird hitting a golf ball.

Playing golf is hard enough - considering there are trees, sand traps, lakes, streams, rocks and tons of other natural hazards on the course meant to screw with your head. But a player at the Senior Open Championship this week at St. Andrew's found a new obstacle on the 17th hole.

Mark James, who is one of the more successful players on tour, teed off and somehow hit a bird on the 17th. His ball, as a result, landed out of bounds. The bird, meanwhile, was in worse shape.

Video of the shot is going viral, for obvious reasons. It makes us think of the time Major League Baseball pitcher Randy Johnson killed a bird with a pitch.

After the shot, you can see James fairly dejected. The odds of something like this happening aren't high, to say the least.

Birds, unfortunately, are part of the course when it comes to golf. He was not afforded any kind of break when it came to a penalty.

James finished the hole with a triple-bogey on the par-4. It wasn't the best way to finish up his round.