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Gordon Hayward's Wife Addresses Reaction To Baby Gender Reveal Video

gordon hayward and his wife robyn

Gordon Hayward and his wife, Robyn, have two children. They are both girls. Earlier this week, the couple announced that a third child was on the way, due in early 2019.

Robyn posted a video on Instagram of the gender reveal the couple did for their third child. Gordon's reaction on that video has gone viral.

The third child, of course, is going to be a girl. Gordon will now be out-numbered in his house, 4-1. It's safe to say he was hoping for a boy.

"Is daddy happy?" Robyn asks on the video.

"Daddy's always happy," Gordon replies.

Check it out:

The video has gotten a lot of attention, with everyone talking about how it seemed like Gordon clearly wanted a boy.

Robyn has since taken to Instagram to address the reaction:

gordon hayward's wife on instagram

Well said.