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Graeme McDowell Just Had One Of The Unluckiest Shots Ever During The U.S. Open

Graeme McDowell reacts to an incredibly unlucky shot during the 2018 U.S. Open.

A number of the world's biggest golfers have met their match on the first day of the U.S. Open. The course at Shinnecock Hills has been incredibly difficult. While a few guys are under par, 2010 U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell is not one of them.

He hasn't gotten a lot of help, either. On a shot from the bunker on the 11th hole, he got about as unlucky as humanly possible.

McDowell had what looked like it might be a very nice chip. He wound up drilling the flag, which is a tough feat.

The problem: the flag decided to play 2016 LeBron James to McDowell's Andre Iguodala. The ball wound up rolling all the way back, right into the bunker from whence it came.

Andrew Joseph from USA Today and ForTheWin captured video of the unbelievably unlucky, and hilarious, moment.

To his credit, Graeme McDowell had the appropriate reaction.

After drilling the flag and having the ball end up back where it started, the Northern Irishman couldn't help but laugh.

That is probably the best approach. There's nothing he could've really done there.

McDowell currently sits at +8 through 11 holes. That's not very good, but it is tied with where Jordan Spieth finished his round, and considering guys like Jason Day (+9), Rory McIlroy (+10), it could be worse. English golfer Scott Gregory finished his day at 22-over par, shooting a 92.

Dustin Johnson is currently alone at the top of the leaderboard at -3. He is through 11 holes as well.