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Grayson Allen Got Called For A Tripping Foul In NBA Summer League

Grayson Allen playing in NBA Summer League.

Grayson Allen is playing in the NBA Summer League tonight. Incredibly, he was called for a tripping foul.

Allen developed a reputation in college for tripping opponents. Some of them were obvious, some seemed incidental, but since he didn't earn much benefit of the doubt, he got crushed for them anyway.

Tonight's tripping infraction seems like it was the latter. Allen was chasing down a loose ball when his leg got in the way of a player on the Atlanta Hawks.

Judging by the video below, it looks like he may not have even made contact, because the Atlanta player was dribbling downcourt when the violation was called.

Take a look.

Because of his history and the fact he played at Duke, Allen is a polarizing figure even before he plays an NBA regular season game.

It doesn't look like he did anything particularly wrong here, but that still won't help his reputation.