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Everyone Made The Same Joke When Grayson Allen & Duke Lost In The Elite Eight To Kansas

Grayson Allen shushes the crowd during a Duke game.

It turns out many people on Twitter think alike.

This past Sunday night, Duke star Grayson Allen had a chance to send his team to the Final Four, but his final shot in regulation rimmed out at the buzzer. Kansas emerged victorious in overtime, ending Allen's college career in excruciating fashion.

Allen isn't the most popular college basketball player in the country - not by a long shot. So it won't surprise you to hear that when Duke lost, many took to Twitter to make jokes. It turns out most made the same exact one.

Most joked that Allen and Duke got "tripped up" on their way to the Final Four. Seriously, hundreds of people tweeted essentially the same thing.

Allen will go down as one of the most polarizing players in Duke history. His NBA career should be interesting to watch.