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Here's How Many Pairs Of Shoes LaVar Ball's 'Big Baller Brand' Sold In The First 24 Hours

LaVar Ball appears on ESPN's SportsCenter.

How much money did LaVar Ball's 'Big Baller Brand' make on day one?

Thursday, for better or worse, LaVar Ball unveiled his line of footwear for 'Big Baller Brand', which includes his son Lonzo's "ZO2" shoe - which costs a whopping $495. Who would pay that much money for basketball sneakers, you ask?

Well, apparently not very many people. While there were rumors that a few thousand pairs had sold in the first four hours, Matt Halfhill over at Nice Kicks got to the bottom of it. By looking at order numbers, he was able to piece together that only 328 pairs were sold in the first 24 hours.

Halfhill's calculations suggest that BBB made $157,685 in revenue in its first day. Considering the amount of press the launch got, that isn't that great of a number. It also doesn't tell the whole story - because we don't know how much each pair of shoes costs to make or how they're handling inventory.

BBB's long-term prospects will largely be based on whether Lonzo Ball turns into a star. If he becomes an elite NBA guard, kids will want to emulate him on the court. If not, his apparel is going to be a tough sell.