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Here's How Much The NFL Is "Fining" Jerry Jones, Cowboys

Jerry Jones takes knee with Cowboys.

The NFL is reportedly penalizing Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys for his actions against commissioner Roger Goodell last year. The penalty is a crazy-high number.

The "fine" isn't really a fine according to some, however. It's a "reimbursement" of legal fees.

Jones was very vocal in his opposition to a reported contract extension for Goodell. He wanted to prevent the five-year extension from being completed.

The penalty is a multi-million dollar one. If it counted as a "fine," it would be the largest in NFL history.

From the Washington Post:

The NFL plans to seek payment of more than $2 million from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his actions last year related to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension and the suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott, according to multiple people familiar with the league’s inner workings.

Several of those people on Monday said Jones’s sanction is an effort by the league and other owners to recoup legal expenses incurred by the owners’ compensation committee and the league. Another person said it would amount to a fine of Jones by the NFL, which has accused Jones of conduct detrimental to the league.

The league long has had a provision that any owner who takes legal action against fellow owners must pay both sides’ legal expenses, and this action being taken to punish Jones was said to come at the behest of several owners.

The Cowboys have yet to comment. You can bet that Jones and Co. will be fighting it, though.

Stay tuned.