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Here's How The NFL's New Anthem Policy Could Backfire

Jerry Jones takes knee with Cowboys.

The NFL announced a new policy regarding the national anthem today. It is in response to player protests over the last two seasons.

According to the new policy, players and team personnel who are on the field during the playing of the national anthem must stand and “show respect.”. If any player does not want to stand for the anthem, he may remain in the locker room.

If a player kneels or sits for the anthem, a team will be fined by the league. The league is leaving it up to teams to enforce their own rules regarding players who don't "show respect" for the flag and the anthem.

Here is the full breakdown.

The NFLPA has put out a statement on the matter and they're not happy, claiming they were not consulted on the new rules.

Looking ahead, the NFL's new policy could backfire in a couple of ways. First, they will almost certainly be sued on the matter by the NFLPA, but that will be left for the courts to sort out.

However, the entire policy is in place to ensure players stand. But, what happens if an entire team elects to stay in the locker room during the anthem?

Or, what if players elect to still kneel and deal with consequences?

In all likelihood, this issue isn't going to totally go away.