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Here's The Barstool Audio Sam Ponder Is Referencing On Twitter

Sam Ponder was called a slut by Barstool Sports - but it was Dave Portnoy, not Big Cat.

Monday night, one day before Barstool Sports' show Barstool Van Talk is set to go live on ESPN2, ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown host Sam Ponder took a shot at one of the publication's biggest personalities - Big Cat - on Twitter. Ponder posted a screenshot of a derogatory blog written about her by Barstool - later accusing Bit Cat of calling her a "slut" on one of their programs. She jokingly welcomed him to the network.

Big Cat defended himself in the aftermath, noting that he was innocent on both charges.

Well, it turns out Ponder was sort of right and sort of wrong. The blog was written by another Barstool employee - Feitelberg. The person who called her a slut was Dave Portnoy, the man in charge of the company. But Big Cat isn't so innocent.

First, let's take a look at the back-and-forth between the two.

Some internet sleuths found the audio in question. It appears to be from an NFL Week 6 Pick'em back in 2014. It's clearly recorded after Ponder and Barstool had gotten into it over her controversial Ray Rice tweet. You can listen to it below.

We've also transcribed it below:

Portnoy: The Vikings could be the worst team in the league when they don't have Bridgewater. Ponder's fraud husband is just a fraud like she is. So I don't put any stock in that. I mean, f*cking anyone can beat the Ponders. I hate the Ponders.

Big Cat: Let's go on this rant here for a second. There's no one worse right now than Samantha Ponder. She is the absolute worst. I hate-follow her on Twitter. I can't even stand her. Every time she tweets I want to puke all over my computer. Every second that she can tell you that she has a kid and that she's a working mother, she will tell you that she has a kid and that she's a working mother.

She's f*cking bringing her kid to the Grove.

Portnoy: I know for a fact that every day at ESPN, all the suits and all the lawyers, they have their annual - not annual, daily - their daily 9:15 coffee meeting on how can we fire Sam Ponder without being sued for like discrimination. Because she is the worst.

No person watching GameDay wants to see a picture of her and her ugly kid. Nobody cares Sam Ponder. We want to see you sex it up and be slutty and not see some prude f*cking jerk who everybody hates and who's married to the worst quarterback who wears the ring and "God first" and this and that. Shut up. That's not what you're there for.

And ESPN just can't find out how to fire you. Because they hate you. Because everyone who watches you hates you. Because all you do is talk about your little rat kid that nobody wants to hear about.

Big Cat: (laughing) Your little rat kid. Show me one person who likes Sam Ponder. I don't even think Christian Ponder likes Sam Ponder.

Portnoy: She's the most despised person in the world.

Big Cat: And it's under the radar too because it's classic 2014, she's a mother, she's a working mother, that tweet she sent out a while ago, she's standing up for everyone. So everyone hates her but no one will say it out loud.

Portnoy: And it's like go be a mother off camera on not on GameDay. You might as well have someone in a burka there who doesn't watch football and is very religious and like all you can see is her eyes interviewing all these crazy kids in the crowd.

Why is she there? Get her out.

Big Cat: There is nothing worse in the world that people who think that we give a f*ck about your kid. I don't give a sh*t about any kid ever. Like I'm getting to the age where, and you're already at the age where, some of our friends are having kids. I went to a party a few months ago and someone brought their kid and threw it in everyone's face. Like, I don't give a sh*t. I don't care about your kid. Get your kid out of here, Sam Ponder. Get it out.

Portnoy: There became a thing and I instituted it when we moved the place and we had a roof deck party and there were no kids allowed. I don't want to hang out with your f*cking kid. Is your kid going to make me laugh? No. Is he going to tell me anything interesting? No.

When your kid gets up to bat in his first Little League game, I'll go f*cking watch and I'll root for him. Until then, get him the f*ck out of there.

And Sam Ponder, you f*cking slut. I don't want you at these games being super prude and talking about God and religion and how your kid is so awesome and breastfeeding when I'm watching GameDay. I don't want that.

Big Cat: End of rant.

We'll see if Portnoy comments on the matter.