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Here's The Latest On A Potential Kyrie Irving Trade

Here's the latest on a potential move.

ESPN reported on Friday that star point guard Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland.

Here's the latest on a potential trade.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported on Saturday that Irving doesn't want to be LeBron James' "little brother" anymore. He thinks James is probably leaving Cleveland next summer and doesn't want to be left sitting around.

Adrian Wojnarowski, though, says Irving wanting out isn't a betrayal of James. It's actually honoring what James stands for.

This is why Irving's declaration of independence isn't a betrayal of LeBron James but an honoring of him. James isn't committed to the Cavaliers' future, and now neither is Irving. James has educated his starry peers: Never lose your leverage. And now Irving gathers his on the way to the door.

In registering his preference for a trade, league sources said, Irving divulged to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert that he's become increasingly uneasy about a future that includes a roster constructed to complement LeBron James -- a roster that could be devoid of James come free agency in 2018.

Four teams appear to be the frontrunners to land Irving - the Knicks, the Heat, the Timberwolves and the Spurs.

There have been reports of a possible three-way trade between the Suns, the Knicks and the Cavs, too, but it's unclear how much traction that has.

Stay tuned.