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Damian Lillard Addresses Future In Portland Amid Trade Rumors

damian lillard asked about playing for the lakers

Damian Lillard has been one of the NBA stars rumored to be on the move this summer. He has been an All-NBA point guard with the Portland Trail Blazers and would be a major get for another team.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been the main team linked to Lillard. Other whispers included the New York Knicks.

Why would Lillard want out of Portland? Well, it was speculated that he might be frustrated with the franchise's outlook for the future.

Portland has been a consistently good team the last few years, but just a notch or two below elite. Marquee free agents aren't likely signing there, so the odds of them challenging for the Western Conference title are slim.

However, Blazers fans will like what Lillard had to say tonight during an interview. He put to rest some of the rumors of his unhappiness.

Of course, it is good PR for Lillard to answer like this. It does no one any good for him to broadcast that he's unhappy.

We'll see how this situation continues to play out.

For now, Lillard looks like he's staying in Oregon.