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Here's Who Aaron Judge Robbed A HR From

Aaron Judge robbed a home run.

Aaron Judge robbed a HR from "Foul Ball Guy."

Aaron Judge made the play of the playoffs so far, robbing a two-run home run from Francisco Lindor earlier in tonight's Game 3 of the ALDS.

While the play was incredible, and hugely important for the Yankees, who trail, 2-0, in the series, it's made more special because of who Judge robbed the HR from.

Foul Ball Guy.

That guy in the yellow shirt with the MLB cap on is Zack Hample, the 40-year-old New York native who's known for, really, getting as many balls at baseball games as possible.

Here's how he describes himself on his website:

My name is Zack Hample. Thanks for checking out my website. I designed it myself a long time ago, I'm responsible for all the content, and I refuse to write a stuffy-ass bio in the third person and pretend that it came from my publisher.

That said, I've written three books. The first was How to Snag Major League Baseballs, the second was Watching Baseball Smarter, and the third one is titled The Baseball. (FYI, the first one sucked and is thankfully out of print; the other two are great.)

Even though I often do things that have nothing to do with sports, most people know me as the guy who collects baseballs. That's because I've been to 53 different major league stadiums and snagged more than 10,000 balls, including Mike Trout's 1st career home run and Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit.

He's had several prominent outlets do features on him.

And tonight, he missed out on a big HR ball, thanks to the glove of Aaron Judge.