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High School Cheerleader Pulls Boyfriend's Facemask After Game, Clip Goes Viral

High school cheerleader pulls her football-playing boyfriend's facemask.

Video of a high school quarterback getting a stern talking to his from his cheerleader girlfriend is going viral this week.

In the below clip, Maryville quarterback Dylan Hopkins, whose team has just won a Tennessee high school football playoff game, hugs his girlfriend, a cheerleader. A few seconds later, the script is flipped.

The cheerleader, after the embrace, tracks the quarterback down, grabbing him by the facemask to give her a piece of her mind.

It's a confusing scene - what happened between the hug and the facemask grab? We may never know.

Here's the clip - it's going viral this week.

Apparently, the two are a couple. At least they are for now.