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Hope Solo Announces She's Running For President Of U.S. Soccer

Hope Solo has meltdown after learning of Team USA suspension.


Former USWNT keeper Hope Solo is running for president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Hope Solo announced on Thursday via her Facebook page that she is running for the presidency of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

In the announcement, Solo laid out a four-pronged platform that criticizes the USSF's use of funds and aims to increase accessibility for youth players, especially in underprivileged communities. She also would like to close the pay-gap between the men's and women's teams.

Per Solo's announcement:

This historical, immoral and unconscionable USSF conduct comes at an unacceptable cost: the cost of national pride, the cost of not qualifying for a Men’s World Cup, the cost of not providing the USWNT equal pay and telling the women on the USWNT that they do not deserve to be paid what the men get paid, the cost of actively engaging in gender discrimination, and most glaringly, the cost of overlooking talented young players from diverse socio-economic communities who, if given the opportunity to participate in the system, would develop an enormous, great pool of talent that could eventually populate our USWNT and USMNT’s and lead them to greatness.

Solo made 202 appearances for the USWNT, winning Olympic golds in 2008 and 2012. She was part of the team that won the 2015 World Cup.

The star keeper was suspended from the national team in August 2016 after comments she made during the Rio Summer Olympics, calling Sweden "a bunch of cowards" for their tactics. She has not played for the team since.