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How Many People Were Arrested In Philadelphia After The Super Bowl

A Philly fan celebrates on a pole.

Here's how many people were arrested in Philadelphia for the crazy celebrations.

The city of Philadelphia went wild on Sunday night after the Super Bowl win over the Patriots. This was expected, obviously.

Countless videos and photos surfaced on social media throughout the night. There was climbing of street lights. There was shattering of windows. There was destroying of gas station shops.

There was even a guy eating horse poop off the ground. No, really - there was.

Arrests were few, though. Philadelphia police revealed late on Monday how many arrests had been made as a result of the celebrations.

According to, only four people had been arrested. That was of Monday afternoon.

That number will increase, though. From

That number is likely to grow.

Commissioner Richard Ross said Monday that police were reviewing surveillance video, social media, and other evidence and pledged to catch those revelers seen smashing windows, vandalizing property, or causing other destruction.

“These people are not off the hook,” he said in an interview. “When we find out who they are, we’re going to arrest them.”

How many people in Philadelphia are currently scrambling to get videos and photos deleted from the internet? Who are we kidding - the people of Philadelphia haven't done anything but celebrate this week.