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Only 347 Perfect Brackets Remain In ESPN's Challenge After Marshall's Upset Of Wichita State

Marshall's upset of Wichita State has greatly reduced the number of perfect brackets left in the country.

We're only a few games into the Friday portion of the First Round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, but we've already had some major damage done. The 13-seed Marshall Thundering Herd, out of Conference USA, took down 4-seed Wichita State to score the second big upset of the event.

As a result, there aren't too many perfect brackets left in the world. ESPN's Tournament Challenge, by far the biggest in the country, only has 377 perfect brackets left. There were over 17 million entries when it all tipped off on Thursday afternoon.

According to ESPN, 86.5% of people had Wichita State winning today. Ouch.

At this point, it's unlikely that anyone makes it out of day two unscathed. But if there is someone who goes 32-of-32 in any competition, we'll be sure to let you know about it.

Update: ESPN is now quoting the number at 347 - so even less.

The second round tips off Saturday afternoon.