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How Many Perfect Brackets Are Left After 8 Games? Just 5%

The bracket that won ESPN's 2018 Tournament Challenge.

How many perfect brackets are left after eight games in the 2018 NCAA Tournament? Less than you probably thought.

As a reminder, nobody has ever been able to prove that they've scored a perfect NCAA Tournament. In fact, the odds of pulling it off are something like 1-in-9.2 quintillion. But hey - we can all dream.

This year, through eight games, there are just 888,189 perfect brackets left in ESPN's Bracket Challenge - which is the biggest game out there. That's 5% of total entries.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reported the numbers between the afternoon and night sessions of Thursday's action.

Oddly enough, there's only been one real upset. Loyola-Chicago took down Miami on a late three-pointer.

The rest of the team's that won - Kansas, Gonzaga, Duke, Tennessee, Ohio State, Rhode Island and Seton Hall - were all favored to do so, at least by the way they were seeded.

Most years, there are just a handful of perfect brackets heading into the weekend portion. By the time Saturday's action is over, everyone has at least one loss.

But, you never know. Some day, perhaps someone will nail all 63 picks.