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How Much Justin Timberlake Is Getting Paid For The Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Lady Gaga sings in her metallic dress during the Super Bowl.


Here's how much the pop star is making for his Super Bowl performance.

The Super Bowl is underway and halftime has arrived. Justin Timberlake is about to grace your TVs.

It's the pop star's second performance at the big game, as he also did that infamous show with Janet Jackson. Hopefully this one goes better.

How much is Timberlake, one of pop culture's biggest stars, getting paid for his performance? Probably a lot, right?

Actually, no. Timberlake is not getting paid anything by the NFL.

This is because the NFL doesn't pay any of its Super Bowl halftime performers. The likes of Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Coldplay and others all get $0 from the NFL for their halftime shows.

“We do not pay the artists,” an NFL spokesperson once explained to Forbes. “We cover expenses and production costs.”

Why do it, then? Because these stars still end up making a ton of money from their performance.

Tonight, Justin Timberlake's songs will shoot up the iTunes charts. He'll make an incredible amount of money just from the millions of people that'll watch him perform on TV.

By Monday morning, Timberlake will have some of the most-purchased songs in the country. Forbes estimates that most performers see a "double- and triple-digit percentage spikes" in song consumption.

The timing couldn't be better for Timberlake, either, as he has a new album, Man of the Woods, and a new tour about to kick off. So don't feel too bad about his $0 paycheck from the NFL.