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How Much The Shoes Justin Timberlake Wore Last Night Cost

The Super Bowl LII logo.


Here's how much the shoes cost.

Justin Timerblake's Super Bowl 52 halftime performance got mixed reviews. One thing that didn't - his shoe choice.

The pop star sported some new Jordans during his performance at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. They were a bit hit.

The shoes, the Air Jordan 3 “JTH,” are a custom edition of the Air Jordan III Cement Grays. They feature a light Nike swoosh, giving a modern feel to the classic kicks.

“I’ve always found myself coming back to the [Air Jordan] 3s, mostly because you could really wear them with anything,” Timberlake said in a Nike release. “Then, when I got to actually meet Tinker, a true genius, and learn that the Jordan 3 was the first design he had done with the brand, and that he actually removed the Swoosh from the original design because he felt like Michael [Jordan] could carry the brand on his own, it made it feel even more iconic.”

They went on-sale right after his performance. Unsurprisingly, the shoes sold-out almost immediately. They were retailing at $200.

Now, they're hitting the re-sell markets. And they're crazy expensive.

The cheapest price on one site is $2,000. Multiple eBay listings are for roughly $2,500.

They look good, for sure. And Timberlake wore them well. But $2,000? No thanks.