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How Some NFL Fans Reacted To Players Kneeling Today

Buffalo Bills kneel during national anthem.

Here's how some fans at NFL stadiums reacted to players kneeling.

Several NFL players across the league kneeled while the national anthem played before today's games.

A number of players in the first game of the day, the Jags-Ravens contest in London, kneeled and locked arms. The same was true before nearly every 1 p.m. E.T. contest.

Here are some of the showings:

While it's impossible to judge the reaction of an entire stadium, there were certainly some fans who voiced their displeasure with the players' decisions to kneel. Multiple reports say some fans were yelling "stand!" at the players who knelt.

The Steelers are believed to be the only NFL team that acted singularly, choosing to not go onto the field for the anthem.