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FOX Anchor: Your Kids "Die Too" If You Don't Evacuate Hurricane Matthew

A weatherman in front of a screen.


A FOX News anchor had a clear message for any Floridians thinking about ignoring Hurricane Matthew evacuations, and it wasn't pretty.

Shepard Smith, an anchor for FOX News,

Thanks Fox News!

— Marty of Social Club (@Deathbymartymar) October 6, 2016

">did not hold back when talking about the strength of Hurricane Matthew. He had a few choice words for any Florida resident who was not planning to evacuate. Finding the proper tone to reach the audience is particularly difficult when strong storms such as Hurricane Matthew are imminent. Not everyone will take the words of warning seriously, and some will think they can "ride the storm out." Smith did not want to take that chance.

“This moves 20 miles to the west, you and everyone you know are dead. All of you…and your kids die, too.”

Here's video - it's been going viral today:

Hopefully everyone took the precautions necessary to stay safe and keep out of the path of Hurricane Matthew. Smith may have come off a little strong, but some warnings need to be heard.